The Natural Park of the Muradymovskoye Ravine
The park is one of the most wonderful places in the Urals and Russia. Objects of great scientific, cultural, historic and aesthetic value are located here. These are caves, wall drawings made by primitive people, calcite deposits, rare plants and animals. On the territory of the park the concentration of caves is very high. There are 46 caves. The most famous is called Staromurdymovskaya Cave. There one can find calcite deposits and primitive drawings. In the cave names Dove's Grotto scientists found a primitive camp of the Paleolithic epoch. The area of the park is 23.5 thousand hectares. The average number of tourists in summer on weekdays is about 50-1000 and on weekends - 200-400. However, there are no autobus routes to the part so far.
Address: Kugachinsky Region (60%) and Zilairsky Region (40%), Bashkortostan.