The Red Spring
The given spring is on of the largest karst springs in the world as well as a unique monument of nature if its origin and water regime are taken into account. A powerful torrent of concentrated waters, which circulate in karst channels and cracks, comes out to the surface. The content of limestone in the water is very high. Every second the water brings more than one kilogram of limestone to the surface, which makes about 100 tons a day. The water temperature remains unchanged +5 degreed Centigrade all through the year. But in summer the spring id especially picturesque: in a narrow valley it fills in two lakes with greenish-bluish water; the nearby mountains are dressed in a green garment of lindens, spruces and firs. And the Ufa River completes the landscape that is often called a small Switzerland.
Address: Red Spring Station, Nurimanovsky Region, Bashkortostan