The Akynskaya Ice Cave
The cane is referred to complex natural monuments. At the entrance of the cave unceasing echo attracts attention. To get down to the cave you have to get over a sheer slope 15 meters high. The temperature in the cave is below zero all the year through and even in summer there is non-melting ice at the entrance. In the main hall there tower 17 ice stalagmites 8-11 meters high, 2 meters in diameter. Quaint stalactites hang from its ceiling and walls. The cave was formed in the layer of limestone referred to the Upper Devon Period, where there are a lot of fossils. The mystery of the ice in the cave has not been yet solved. In the vicinity of the cave some relic plants and springs with salt water can still be found.
Address: Solontsy, Mullakaevo Village, Arkhangelsky Region, Bashkortostan.