The exhibition called "The Shred Mosaics" has been opened in the Ethnography Museum of Peoples of Bashkortostan. Bright and smart table napkins; tablecloths and coverlets with the elements of applique work and embroidery, on the whole more than 70 works made by local craftswomen are on display there.

From September 28th, 2001 to October 1st , 2001 the 11th International Celebration in honor of the 210th anniversary of Aksakov S.T. will be held in Ufa and Belebey.

The staff of the Aksakov Museum is arranging traditional "Aksakov's Readings" and holding negotiations with the sponsors and authorities of Nikolo-Berezovka about the possibility to organize these readings.

36 years ago the Monument of Firendship, a symbol of international unity of Russian and Bashkir peoples, was opened. It was created by Michael Baburin and Galina Levitskaya. Their workshop was located in a Moscow church, where Pushkin A.S. had been married.

Forest areas along such Bashkir rivers as the Ik, the Usen, the Big Nugush have being increased (about 20 hectares of forests on the whole). Soon they are planning to build houses and benches as well as to plant young trees near most of springs and brooks. All these measures are part of the program on preservation and reproduction of water resources in Tuimazinsky and Belsky Regions.

Recreation facilities, decorated with wooden figures of animals and mystical spirits of forests, have being constructed near highways in Birsky Region.

In the tourist center "Sosnovy Bor" ("Pine Forest") sparing trees cutting is being carried out. Instead of dead standing wood they plant young pines and blue spruces, which become acclimatized quite good and grow fast.



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