The Nikolskaya Chirch in Kaga Settlement (Beloretsky Region)
The church is situated on a high hill. Thanks to its location and quite impressive size, it dominated in the surrounding space. The given church was built of wood till 1777 but then the Board of Trustees decided to build a new one of bricks as the old church had become too ramshackle. To build the new church every worker of the local works donated one kopeck out of one ruble of his wage. In the travel notes of the expedition under the guidance of Dmitry Mendleev in 1899 we can find a reference to a stone church, built with the help of the donated funds, which is picturesquely situated at the top of the rock. Its brickwork and outer decor are so neat that the building if the Nikolskaya Church can be called a 'poem made of bricks".
Address: Kaga Settlement, Beloretzkiy Region, Bashkortostan.