Peoples of Bashkortostan Ethnography Museum

The above museum is a memorial zone, where houses and household buildings situated on the former Zhandarmaskaya Ulitza, constructed at the end of the nineteenth century represents historical face of the city. In the wooden houses an exhibition on the ethnography of peoples living on the territory of Bashkortostan, such as: Bashkirs, Tatars, Chuvash and Finno-Ugrian nationalities is set. Each display makes visitors familiar with their ways of life, national and spiritual culture. In one of the halls traditional decoration of the Bashkir house is reconstructed, which makes it possible to plunge into the way of life of a typical Bashkir family. All kinds of articles of decorative weaving: self-weaved coverlets, towels and rugs are also of great interest.
Address: Kirov Str. 17, Ufa  Tel.: (3472) 23-24-39
Working hours: from 10.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m.   Day off: Monday