The Nesterov Bashkir State Museum

The above museum is located in the mansion, which was occupied by a timber manufacturer Laptev M.A. The house in "modern" style was built at the beginning of the XIX century. The museum's foundation and the starting point of its collection are connected with the name of the famous Russian artist Michael Nesterov. At present the museum's collection includes 8500 exhibits. The main displays among them represent Old Russian Art, Art of the XVIII-XX centuries, West-European Art of the XVI-XIX centuries, Bashkir National Decorative and Applied Art and Modern Fine Art of Bashkortostan Republic. Currently the museum acts not only as a place, where unique collections are kept, but also as a center on their scientific study, publication and propaganda.
Address: Gogol Str. 27, Ufa, Bashkortostan.   Tel.: (3472) 22-13-85
Opening hours: from 10.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m.   Days off: Sunday, Monday.